Signs with Standoffs

Standoffs Hardware and Spacers For Signs & Posters

Sign hardware, display boards, signs with standoffs, and other types of display signs are great tools that will enhance your business or house in a single touch. Here you will find the exact products needed to take your organisation image to the next visual level. Display signs with standoffs come in many styles. Sign standoffs, also called panel mounts, are the prototypical tactic used to mount a sign display. Stand-offs provide a three dimensional appearance. Signs with standoffs are used by architects, interior designers, and installers to give that elegant finish to their projects. Cable display systems and Elite stainless steel double panel standoffs are another style of modern signs that bring sophistication and a sense of style to any wall. Etch Houston offers display signs and hardware in a wide selection, sure to please the most discriminating customers. In addition, our designers will go with you step by step until you get the desire result.

  • Side-Grip Stand Off Systems for Signs Up To 1/2″ Thick

These standoff systems hold sign panels from the edge! This means that there is not need to drill holes in signage before mounting! The standoff systems that are edge-grip can display panels up to 1/4″ thick. Unlike many sign mounts found online, there is no minimum signage thickness when using this decorative signage hardware. Additionally, Etch Houston has no restrictions on the type of material that users can display with this mounting hardware. These standoff systems can hold acrylic, glass, plastic or metal signage. Each hardware kit includes everything needed for mounting on glass, acrylic or metal with a custom design on it. The result is standoff systems that balance a heavy duty constriction with an sophisticated style.

Each mount has a round face with a diameter of 3/4″, which elegantly accents signage. Once sign panels are positioned in these standoff systems that are silver, each fixture is secured by a setscrew which prevents tampering and secures signage into the mounts. Sign brackets secured with setscrews are ideal for use in public settings. The setscrew provides security that screw-in style units simply do not have. These sign fixings, standoff systems take only minutes to install. Investing the time and money into mounting sign panels with standoffs pays off in the form of an enhanced decor and more captivating signage. In addition to displaying signs, this hardware is ideal for use with mirrors, pedestal shelving and glass counter-tops.

  • Signs with Standoffs “Through Style”

Signs with standoffs “Through Style” or “Drilled”, also known as sign mounting hardware or display panel fasteners, require holes drilled through your signage in order to be mounted. These quality wall fasteners are cast in brass and then machined into a work of art. These standoffs are made from stainless steel and can even be used outdoors! What materials can these fasteners attach? All of the standoffs offered by Etch Houston can support wood, acrylic, glass, or any sign panel worthy of display. Add some panache to the drab logo and name signage in the office. These sign standoffs, also called through mounts, provide a practical yet stylish tactic for mounting signage or decorative panels. In addition, at Etch Houston we are able to engrave, etch or simply print any design of desire on the panels. These wall mount devices come in 12 sizes with your preference of finish. Economically priced, these standoffs bring expensive looks to any panel mounting task. The size and weight of the panels should dictate which size and style are necessary for the job.

  • Elite Stainless Steel Double Panel Stand-offs

Double-panel support system are ideal for informational and directional signage, room identifiers, display panels, and other decorative applications. At Etch Houston we use this kind of system to decorate, enhanced offices, conference rooms and lobbies. Due to its unique design and flexibility, double panel standoffs will give a three dimensional touch as well as a professional look to any signage design.