Luminary Architectural Frame

Etch Houston Luminary Architectural Frame

(Fully illuminated architectural frame using 12 volt LED’s – available
in 18 standard sizes, or custom made to order)

!Price includes the design you want & luminary frame LED!

!Remember to take the code number of the piece that you like and give us a call or send us an email!

Price does not include shipping or installation



When only the best will do for donor recognition, sponsors, memorials and corporate signage, an elegantly framed and illuminated architectural display of the highest quality craftsmanship.


Extra heavy duty design to structurally mount large, 1/2″ thick crystal-clear glass.  Two piece design consisting of a sturdy, underneath hard wood framing support that bolts to the wall and holds the glass firmly in place.  A thick, decorative brushed aluminum frame is mounted on top of the glass and is embedded with Super Brite® LED strips around the entire perimeter which illuminates the glass on the edge.  A low voltage supply line is concealed through the backside of the frame, typically drawn through the wall and fed from a regulated 12VDC power supply.






Luminary Frame