Custom etched and painted Wine/Liquor bottles

Hand-crafted by our skilled artisans, custom engraved bottles and glassware are truly one of a kind works of art. An engraved bottle of a favorite spirit a gift that will be kept for many years, and a gift set of etched glasses or tumblers will last a lifetime.

Etch Houston offers engraving on any of our currently available library of wines and spirits. You can choose to engrave a bottle with a special message from our design templates or provide your own approved artwork from a photo or illustration.

Etch Houston lets you personalize your favorite bottled beverage in a matter of minutes.


Custom Etched and Painted Wine/Liquor Bottles

Our Products

1.Bottleneck Wax

Bottleneck Wax
Bottleneck Wax dipping is a process which creates a beautifully colored wax seal around the neck of the bottle for a finished look. There are nineteen colors to choose from. An outstanding touch giving your bottle a look of high quality and perfection.

Color Matching of Client Specific Colors

Our bottle sealing wax used for dipping is created to match any part of the product that our clients require. With some brands the wax is manufactured to match the packaging, the label, or even made to mimic an existing capsule. You will see from some of our images we supply any colour from black through to complex metalic shades and our new pearlescent.

2. Presentation Boxes

Houston Professional ADA signs

Presentation boxes come in either a high gloss piano finish or a bamboo style. The custom piano finish boxes have solid brass hinges, stainless steel wine tools including a corkscrew, stopper, funnel and foil cutter. It makes an impressive keepsake for $45.00. For an additional $29.00 you can have a logo, monogram or special message etched into the wood. (Wine or spirit bottles not included.) Presentation ,organza bags for your etched bottles are also available for $7.50

3. Full Color Bottle Labels

Bottleneck Wax

Customized, personalized bottle vinyl labels add a unique touch to a gift that by its nature will be long remembered. The personalization of a label for your wine or spirit gift is an inexpensive way to say you put a lot of thought in the gift and care about the impact it has on the recipient. The price is but a token compared to the impact. You can add an etched message above the small (2.5”x1”).