ADA Braille Signs

In these times and days, the visual aspect is a very important factor that every company must keep in mind. By adding a professional look, your business is going to attract more customers every day. Through all ADA compliance signs, including ADA braille signs, structural signage, and full color graphics you can achieve that goal! Etch Houston is a full service sign company that specializes in the design, construction, fabrication, and installation of all projects.



ADA braille signs in Houston and Accessibility Guidelines

Typography For Tactile Signs

A. Rules for Acceptable Tactile Fonts

Copy must be all upper case and raised at least 1/32”. Tactile characters must be sans serif, not italic, not oblique, script or highly decorative.

ADA Braille Signs Houston

B. Character Proportions

The stroke width of the upper case “I” has to be 15% of the letter height or less and the character width of the uppercase “O” must be between 55% and 110% of the height of the corresponding uppercase “I”.

C. Copy Height for Tactile Information

Limited to be between 5/8” and 2”.  (If separate visual characters are provided raised characters can be 1/2” and need not contrast with background).

Houston Professional ADA signsE. Tactile Font Character Spacing

The distance between characters on tactile copy must be a minimum of 1/8” and a maximum of 4 times the character stroke width. These distances are measured between the closest points of adjacent characters.


ADA Braille Signs

Must be Grade II with contractions. Braille is to be placed directly below the corresponding raised characters. If text is multi-lined, braille is placed below entire text and separated 3/8” from any other tactile characters and 3/8” minimum from raised borders and decorative elements. The shape of braille characters must always be rounded. Almost always lower case. Uppercase is only used before the first word of sentences, proper nouns and names, individual letters of the alphabet, initials and acronyms.

Location of Permanent Room ID Signs (cont)

Mounting height for tactile signs can now be within a range of space which allows for a consistent top height for different sized signs along a hall. ADA braille signs are to be mounted at a height to allow the baselines of raised characters to be located between 48” and 60”above the ground.

ADA braille signs